life in the little moments

Today I started the trek down the hill from my apartment to campus in the crisp fall air. Jewel-toned leaves littered the sidewalk like candy wrappers that the trees had discarded after a particularly successful Halloween haul.

Although the air is biting a little more, slowly but steadily, I’ve come to enjoy my morning walk. It’s become one of those moments in the day in which I have nothing to do but think- a dangerous pastime.

Today the sky and leaves were especially vivid and I got that strange feeling that can take hold of a person, suddenly and unexpectedly, in which they feel life coursing through their body like a wildfire. Today, on my daily walk to campus, I was glad to be alive.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the giant question mark looming ahead of me in May, the one that represents everything my life will be when I’m no longer a student. That question mark is full of anxiety, confusion, and a sense of hopelessness.

But I also know that it’s full of opportunity and all the moments, like this one, that haven’t happened yet- the moments in which I am unexplainably and overwhelmingly glad to be alive.

As the days get colder and the crunch underfoot turns from maroon and gold leaves to the first hints of snow, I will seek out and appreciate these moments as best I can. If you don’t know what the future holds, you sure as hell had better appreciate the present.

What else is life for, anyway?


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