I’ve seen you clearly in the sun,
Your face in morning dawn-
My eyes have all but memorized
The way you move along.

But who are you at twilight?
Who are you in the dark?
When the night reigns supreme
Do your eyes still have that spark?

What are you when
You’re just your voice?
A whisper or a shout?
What are you when
You’re just your hands,
When the bulbs go out?

I yearn to know the truth-
where does your secret soul reside
When everything is stripped away
And light won’t let you hide?


Welcome to my
Mess of thought
My web of confusion, fraught
With doubt and fear

Welcome to the
House of madness,
The grip of sadness
Makes home here

Welcome to my
Den of lies
And, surprise,
Of broken trust

Welcome to the
Main event-
My tears all spent
On my disgust

Welcome to the  t i p p i n g  point
Where I rise from the dust


take me back. 

Take me back to
Scottish isles
And rolling hills of green-
To simpler days
And summer haze
And all the things I’ve seen.


Take me back to
Ancient towers
And ceramic seas of red-
To carefree times
And streets sublime
And all the things you said.


Take me back to
Where I was
To jog my memory-
Of who was there
When life was fair
And who I used to be.