don’t write.


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
―Ernest Hemingway

Don’t write because someone asks why you haven’t in a while, or because they tell you that  you should.
Don’t write because it’s been a month, or three, or seven.
Don’t write because you made a promise to yourself to do it every week or two.
Don’t write because you live for views, or likes, or shares or retweets.
Don’t write because someone else is writing.

Don’t write, unless…

Don’t write unless you have learned, unless you have grown. Don’t write unless you have felt, unless you have lived, somehow.

Don’t write unless you have discovered or reaffirmed one of life’s truths and you need to get it out through your fingers.

Don’t write unless it is release for you. For some people it’s music, for others it’s exercise, for still others it’s drawing or painting or dancing. Don’t write unless for you, it’s writing.

Don’t write unless the words are burning their way through your brain and if you continue to resist writing, you might just catch fire.

Don’t write unless you want to, unless you have to. Don’t write unless somehow, finding the right words makes life more bearable.

If it does, then make a cup of coffee. Or pour the whiskey. Take up your pen, or your keyboard.

In the journey to find the right words, remember for the thousandth time how frustrating and imperfect language is. Know that you will never get it completely right. Forgive yourself.

Write it out. Let it go. Move on with living. And then… Don’t write.

Let a week pass. A month. A year. Don’t write.

Let them write, blog, snap, chat, post. Don’t write.

Keep going on not writing until you stumble upon a word or phrase or feeling that will not give you rest, that haunts you both in solitude and in crowded rooms. A notion that lurks in the moments before you fall asleep and in the darker corners of your brain.

Continue on, not writing… until you can’t.

That’s when you write.