real talk

What I would say to the last 10 people I texted if I was being 100% honest with them:

1) you’re overwhelming and sometimes it’s too much for me to handle

2) I wonder if you even know you’re lying to me (and to yourself)

3) you’re a source of pure light and laughter in my life

4) you’re one of the only people I can be myself around

5) I trust you more than anyone I know

6) you make me feel like I’m doing some things right

7) where you are scares me because I think I’m headed there, too

8) I don’t always agree with you, but I’ll always stand with you

9) I’m glad things have changed

10) you’re one of those few people I would classify as a ‘soulmate’

Texts I Sent Last Night

The first semester of senior year is winding down and yet another of my friends is celebrating their 22nd birthday. Where else would I be but the college’s go-to bar? Surrounded by Christmas lights, people in Santa hats and a ton of ugly sweaters, here were some of the texts I sent out into the world last night:


“Cheers to that, dude.”

“The elf midget on the bar at beech is being generous with his shot pours. I miss you.”

“Don’t be worried Bridget it is with me and she is 100% good!”

“Rob is in a Santa suit.”

“You don’t need to fight him he seems like a nice midget.”

“I was going to attack you with love.”

Happy Holidays.

What I’m Learning in College

It’s only Tuesday and I’ve learned a lot already this week. Here are some things I didn’t know college would teach me.

  • We are so much more and so much less than we know
  • “Experiencing the entire gambit of human emotions is exhausting” – one of the greatest professors/men I have ever met
  • There’s an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. They prefer silence, but there will never be silence. Life is for noise. 
  • All of poetry is a message in a bottle
  • If you can’t laugh, you have the wrong attitude
  • Perspective is a powerful thing



Going home for the weekend is always an interesting experience. Everyone thinks their own family is a little crazy, and I’m no exception. To illustrate, here are a few things that were said in my house this weekend.


“On a scale of one to America, how free are you this weekend?”

“I’ve told you like 4 times to put your picture of the archbishop away.”

“I’m sort of obsessed with Alaskan real estate.” (we live in Connecticut)

“Should we invite Doug to Doug’s birthday dinner?”

“Do you have baby chicken disease?”

“That star is dead and so are your dreams.”


…Welcome to the family.