The Myth of One & Done


They say that eventually you’ll find the one place where you belong. The one person you’re supposed to be with. The one purpose for your life.

But the truth is, that’s simple and boring- and from what I’ve seen in the simultaneously very short but endless twenty one years I’ve experienced so far, life is complicated, messy, and anything but boring.

The truth is, a life isn’t composed of one place or one person or one purpose.

Maybe you find a place to call home. Maybe you’ll find a person to love, to lean on, for all the days of your existence. But your life will be built out of so much more.

You can’t spend the very short amount of time you’ve been allotted chasing that one ideal, perfect, shining dream. Look around. Take a minute to SEE the countless people, the many places, and every minuscule purpose that makes up the person you are.

Life’s not one place, one person- it’s every place you leave a part of yourself in, every person that you touch, even only for a moment.

That one place where you belong is a fairytale- maybe not for everyone, but certainly for me. There’s just too much to see to be content with one corner of the universe.