Life in progress

I was asked (read: forced) to make this blog for a class last year, at which time you would have stumbled here to find a few posts that seemed very professional. Maybe now I’ll give this whole blogging thing a try my way.

Today began what I can only think of as a quarter-life crisis.

Last year, I watched my senior college friends freak out about the future from the relative safety of junior year.

I told them not to worry. “It’ll be fine- you’re smart, you work hard. You’ll get a job.” I believed it when I said it, and for the most part, I was right. I know some pretty cool kids who are already doing pretty amazing things.

But today, Iona College notified us that it will soon be time to register for Spring 2014 classes. Classes for the last semester of my college career.

Commence extreme panic.

Which classes do I take? Is my resume good enough? Should I apply for an internship? Will I be able to meet my course requirements, run the college newspaper, write my senior Honors thesis, do an internship AND maintain my sanity? Prognosis: unlikely.

I know many of my professors use the scare tactic to get kids to work hard. That’s never really been my scene- I just work hard because I believe that if you’re going to bother doing something at all, you might as well do it right. I know there are a lot of things I can do right; the trick is to getting other people to believe that I can do them too.

You can listen to everyone else when it comes to your future, but you’ll rarely get a straight answer. Do the internship, don’t do the internship. Indent that line on your resume. Spellcheck your cover letter. Send the employer a chocolate-covered edible arrangement. Spritz the envelope with fairy dust and sunshine.

In the end, I know I have to hack it out on my own. Life’s a guessing game and I’m not even going to pretend I have the answers. Hopefully my advisor will be able to shed some kind of light on my current life crisis situation.

I suppose I can take my dad’s advice. Today’s text message to him read: “I’m stressed out about my future and don’t sleep anymore. Is this adulthood? Yay.” His response: “Chill.”

Father knows best, right?