Here’s looking at you, NOLA

“Dreams do come true in New Orleans…”

Ah, NOLA. Blues, Bourbon Street, and Beignets. What was I doing there?

Some of the other newspaper editors and I attended the Associated Collegiate Press College Media Convention. We took full advantage of the conference- InDesign tips, management tactics, staff training and networking. You’d better believe it was a newstastic experience.

You’d also better believe that exploring that crazy city was pretty freaking cool. We did it all- ate fried alligator and gumbo, checked out the market in the French Quarter, saw the Mississippi River, and drank the famed Bourbon Street ‘hurricanes.’ (I don’t know what was in them- don’t ask).

NOLA adventures

Another highlight of the trip? The girls and I decided to have our Tarot cards read. When in Rome, right?? I always take these kinds of things with a grain of salt, but the reading was actually pretty cool.

Plus, it inspired the following poem. Here’s to the unexplained, mysterious side of NOLA:


Tarot Tales

in the back room of a voodoo shop
he stared at her across the top
of the deck of tattered cards-

he flipped them one by one,
laying her soul, undone
on the faded tabletop-

her moon rose high, the tarot said
and soon her heart was read
far too easily-

that man with a wicked deck
understood this fragile wreck
more than anyone she’s known.