there is
in stillness

are the hands
that lay idle

the gaze, in awe of beauty,
does not w.a.n.d.e.r

the heart, free of pain,
Does not /a c h e/

and yet-
in —-movement
there is life

in the
there is living

they seek:

and in it, they find

in the silence,
my fingers twitch.

why you should leave


“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” -Robert Louis Stevenson


You should leave your room because the relationships you have with your family, friends and roommates will always be more fulfilling than the relationship you have with your Netflix account.

You should leave your house because the fresh air and sunshine is good for you. So is getting caught in the rain- how else would you learn to take an umbrella?

You should leave your hometown or your city to see what amazing things and people are right around the corner. You’ll come to know that sometimes adventure is only half an hour away.

You should leave your state to discover exactly how beautiful that New York City skyline is, what the big deal is about that Chicago deep-dish pizza, and what they really mean when they talk about ‘southern hospitality.’

You should leave the country and learn that you, and your problems, are small in comparison to the size, wonder and beauty of the world. You’ll learn that those people halfway across the globe, speaking other languages and eating different foods, are the same as you in all of the ways that matter. You will change the way you see the world and the way you see yourself.

You should leave your work at the office so that you don’t make it your identity, and come to know, if you don’t already, that in the end life is not measured in paychecks or promotions.

You should leave your phone at home and find the peace that comes with uninterruption, the sunset that can’t be captured by your camera lens and the sounds of the live music in the air that blow your iPod out of the water.

You should leave your regret, your doubts and your inhibitions behind because they will never help you grow the way acceptance, belief and experience will.

You should leave your family and friends, if only for a little while, to find out how truly lucky you are to know them. Time spent apart will make the sound of their voice sweeter and the feeling of their embrace warmer. It will make the fights and the misunderstandings small and unimportant.

You should get out of here– be it on foot, bike, train, plane, boat or car. You should leave so you can discover other people, other places, other ways to see the world. You should go to learn who you are when you’re not surrounded by the familiar things you lean on and cling to.

You should leave so you can live.


A blue-eyed lad with Scottish charm
Pint in hand, held out his arm
I thought “well, it’ll do no harm”
(That’s how these things start)

A blonde-haired English boy
smiled and laughed, rather coy
I smiled back, full of joy
(Although we had to part)

I wandered from home, far away
Forgot my life just for a day
And said all that I could say
(Except what was in my heart)

suitcase soul.

some stay,
or so I’ve heard.
and they’re happy.

some are born to run,
or so I’ve heard.
I didn’t think
I was one.

but maybe I’ve always

there’s something
about a suitcase.

about not being able
to stay too long.

coming and going,
perhaps returning. perhaps.
but being able to choose?

is freedom.

my suitcase
is screaming.

don’t you (mis)define


“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” -Allen Ginsberg

Whatever you do, don’t misdefine yourself.

Don’t you dare think that wandering and being lost are the same thing.

Wandering is exploring, learning. It’s a relentless calling to know more. To have no clear destination and not being very intent on arriving- there’s a sense of freedom there, the fundamental hope that anything can happen. There’s a will to experience, a will to enjoy life.

Being lost is desperation, is being afraid. Being lost is panicking in the dark instead of letting your eyes adjust to see what’s around you (because there are things you learn, in the dark, if you choose).

Don’t you mistake letting go for giving up. 

Letting go is knowing that holding on is selfish and destructive, and being brave enough to act on that realization. It’s acceptance, and it’s the truth that the only way to grow is to release what’s comfortable and take a chance on the things that scare you.

Giving up is cowardly, it’s running away- It hurts everyone more than it heals. It leaves people in a lurch instead of setting them free. It’s a lack of conviction.

Don’t you even for a second confuse breaking and being broken.

Breaking is choosing to feel pain so that you can move past it. Embracing everything it is so you can remember how it feels.  It’s the short term destruction that sets up a more solid foundation. Breaking is something you do as opposed to something you are.

Being broken is fighting the pain because you’re clinging to the past. You’re too afraid of what you’ll see when you get up to do anything but lay on the floor. It’s something you let take over you instead of something you own.

I may be breaking, but don’t you dare think I’m broken.

made (come with me).

Just another mess of words to express my restlessness.

made (come with me)

I wasn’t made for staying-

for laying
in the same bed each night,
greeting the light
of a new day
the same way.
I wasn’t made for here-
for year after year
of predictability,
of stability.
I wasn’t made for plans-
For knowing tomorrow’s
in advance.

I was made for chance-
for surprises, guesses,
and the stresses
that accompany uncertainty.

Were you made for
coming with me?